Intensive Outpatient Program Now Open

Ethan Health is excited to add Intensive Outpatient services to our Outpatient Program. Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) have emerged as a critical part of the treatment of substance use disorders and relapse prevention. With the increase in the amount of addiction-related deaths, there is a real need for more high-quality programs. Intensive Outpatient Programs and MAT programs are thankfully receiving favor with local Drug Courts. We currently have referrals from Drug Courts in three surrounding counties and are hoping to gain favor and change the biased views of MAT programs. We are having greater success working with our judicial system.

An Intensive Outpatient Program can be the first line of treatment, a step up from a less structured outpatient program when needed, or a step down from a residential program after a certain amount of progress is made. This helps to form a seamless continuum of care. Individuals do not require a referral to the program. However, they must qualify for services pending an assessment and insurance approval.

Diana Tibbs, LPCA leading IOP services for Ethan Health stated, “Clients are nervous about the commitment to attend groups a minimal of nine hours a week, despite knowing they need a higher level of care. After the first week, clients are excited to attend their groups and they become interactive and hopeful to a full recovery.” We are excited for the future of this program!