Employee Climate Survey

We value our employee's hard work and dedication. We are constantly striving to improve our work place and we appreciate our employees and their feedback to our recent survey. 

Retention of our employees is essential to quality and continuity of care. Employee satisfaction is necessary to retaining our valued employees.  Retention builds up competencies, optimizes team relations, and strengthens the relationship of Ethan Health with our community. In contrast, poor retention or high staff turnover negatively affects the care we provide by increasing workloads, undermining team morale, creating disruptions and inefficiencies in work processes, and causing a loss of institutional knowledge.

We identify several factors that influence the decision of employees to stay in or leave their jobs. Among these are low pay, unmanageable work loads, lack of opportunities for growth, unsafe or inadequate working conditions and poor benefits. The challenge of retaining health workers is greatest in rural and remote areas, because health practitioners in these areas often face higher workloads, unsustainable work environments, and poor infrastructure, causing them to leave the workplace in search of more satisfactory work.

We will continue to foster an environment of improvement for our valued staff. Again, thank you to our staff for all you do!