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Ethan health is now offering Intensive Outpatient Services.

Ethan Health is now proud to be offering Intensive Outpatient Services('IOP'). This program is being accepted by some local courts and is an alternative to residential treatment.

In this newsletter we answer some key questions around our IOP services.

What is the Ethan health IOP program?

Ethan Health provides Intensive Outpatient Program to adults experiencing Opioid Use Disorders. This program is provided in two locations: Ethan Health North(Burlington, KY) and Ethan Health East(Richmond, KY). The program serves persons in surrounding counties.  

Ethan Health’s Intensive Outpatient Program includes medication assisted treatment for opioid dependence.  

Are you licensed?

Yes. Ethan Health is licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Who does Ethan Health Serve?

Adults experiencing opioid use disorders and require medication to manage opioid withdrawal who meet either of the following are considered eligible for admission to Intensive Outpatient Program: 

  • Do not require the structure of 24-hour residential care or partial hospitalization. 

  • Have stabilized in recovery practices and are seeking ongoing treatment.

  • Have not been successful in the outpatient level of care. 

  • Have successfully completed residential or partial hospitalization program and are transitioning to community. 

  • Adults who are employed or have family or school commitments. 

When is Ethan Health IOP program open?

The program operates three days each week, providing three hours of service each day.

Each location operates a morning section and an afternoon section.  Participants are enrolled in one of the sections and may not move between the sections. Visits with prescribers for medication assisted therapy scheduled in addition to nine program hours.  

What are participants required to do? 

Intensive Outpatient Program Participants are expected to attend three hours, three times each week. 

  • Participants are required to meet with their assigned Targeted Case Manager weekly.

  • Participants are required to attend an individual therapy session monthly.  

  • Participants are required to have weekly observed Urine Drug Screens.

  • Participants are required to make journal entries daily as assigned.

  • Participants are required to complete work packets

  • Participants are required to commit to an action plan directed toward termination of substance misuse. 

What does the program provide?

Ethan Health’s Intensive Outpatient Program includes psycho-educational groups designed to promote health and wellness. The staff to participant ratio will not exceed 1:10. These groups provide a supportive environment where participants can learn about their opioid dependency and the consequences.

The program provides participants:
•    Rational problem-solving skills to alert dysfunctional beliefs and thinking patterns.
•    Self-esteem building exercises
•    Relapse prevention
•    Education on physical effect of drug use.
•    Art and music exercises.

Tell me more, what else does the program provide?

Intensive Outpatient Program also includes skills-development groups. These groups offer participants the opportunity to practice specific behaviors in the safety of the treatment setting.  

•    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(‘CBT’) – CBT is used throughout the treatment process.  CBT is used to examine a participant’s inaccurate or unproductive thinking, thinking that could lead to risky or negative behaviors. CBT skills are used to help participants recognize situations on which they are likely to use substances, find ways of avoiding those situations, and cope more effectively with the variety of situations, feelings, and behaviors related to their substance abuse.

•    Drug Refusal Training - Participants act out scenarios in which they are invited to use drugs and determine ways to avoid or manage them.

•    Relapse Prevention Techniques - Participants will identify their own triggers and high-risk situations and form their relapse prevention plan.

•    Stress Management and Self-Care - Participants learn the importance of wellness and the impact and importance to their sobriety. Participants learn new ways to cope with stress.

•    Life Skills - Resumes, job hunting, organization and budget management are a few of the areas addressed.

•    Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - offers an opportunity for private individualized sessions to focus on cognitive distortions that could lead to relapse. 

Who provides these therapies?

Ethan Health employs masters level therapists to provide the group and individual interventions.  Registered Nurses employed by Ethan Health support the Medication Assisted Therapy program.  Ethan Health contracts with physicians and nurse practitioners for prescribing medications.  

How long does the program last?

The program typically spans 12 weeks. Participants completing the IOP should have stabilized in their recovery practices and manage the triggers and emotions related to their addictions.  It is the goal for participants to transition to outpatient program after completion of Intensive Outpatient Program.  

How does Ethan Health get paid?

Ethan Health serves Medicaid Recipients and those with commercial insurance.  Ethan Health does not accept self-pay patients. 

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