Peer Support Specialist

Job Description

Provides peer support to patients with substance abuse problems, including alcohol and/or illicit drugs. Peer Specialist will function as a role model to peers; exhibiting competency in personal recovery and use of coping skills; serve as a patient advocate, providing information and peer support for patients in outpatient setting. The Peer Specialist helps in regaining independence within the community and mastery over their own recovery process. Recovery resources such as booklets, tapes, pamphlets, and other written materials will be utilized by the Peer Specialist in the provision of services.


  • Teach and role model the value of every individual's recovery experience
  • Teach effective coping techniques and self-help strategies
  • Assist patients in articulating personal goals for recovery through the use of one-on-one and group sessions. During these sessions the Peer Specialist will support clients in identifying and creating goals and developing recovery plans with the skills, strengths, supports, and resources to aid them in achieving those goals
  • Use ongoing individual and group sessions to teach clients how to identify and combat negative self-talk and how to identify and overcome fears
  • Assist patients in developing empowerment skills and combating stigma through self-advocacy. This will be accomplished through regular meetings, individual or group sessions.


  • Knowledge and skill to teach and engage in basic problem solving strategies to support individual patients in self-directed recovery
  • Knowledge of the Recovery process and the ability to facilitate recovery
  • Knowledge about the intake process and services
  • Must have completed peer support training
  • Must have active Adult Peer Support Certification
  • Must have High School Diploma or GED
  • Must be computer literate
  • Must pass background check and drug screen