It all started when…

Ethan Health, LLC was started by two Christian men from Australia with a vision to help bring affordable treatment for the opioid epidemic to the Appalachian area.  After much consideration they decided to open their first clinic in Richmond under the management of a former colleague in the field with a passion for those afflicted.

It is the vision of Ethan Health, LLC to grow into areas of Kentucky and West Virginia.  It is our plan to plant outpatient centers in Eastern, Northern and Central Kentucky and then grow into West Virginia. Ethan Health has added Intensive Outpatient Services to our license in 2018 and plans to open male and female inpatient facilities within the next three years. Our hope is to treat clients appropriate for outpatient services within 30 days of calling for treatment, to assist them in obtaining tools to maintain sobriety and be successful in their recovery. 

After clients achieve one year of sobriety they will be eligible to apply for employment within the company.

Our vision is to help clients to spread the message of recovery working with those in recovery, leading by example.

Ethan Health will walk the road with you

Ethan Health will walk the road with you